Get Your 5 Minute Inner Wisdom Shortcut

I’m your woman! Together we can get the volume on your inner wisdom guidance turned up and make some magic happen!

Here’s how 1-1 Coaching Sessions work:

Once we find a time that works for you, we’ll send an invoice and get the magic started. You can schedule one magical session or book several in advance. I will work with you and your schedule to find the best pacing and timeframe for you.

1-1 sessions happen via video conference, and you can connect with me from anywhere in the world.

Fee: $300/hour

What happens during a 1-1?

  • You get support and focus around whatever issue needs some magical help
  • I use a blend of mind-body-spirit tools, energy awareness, and inner wisdom to help you create what you want
  • You’ll learn a mind-body-spirit tool or two, and get a little assignment to play with on your own
  • You will be heard, valued, and treated with compassion and kindness


Abigail showed me how to heighten my creative flow by regulating my nervous system, and how to deepen my connection to my inner wisdom. She helped me understand the messages my body was sending me.

Along the way, I was swept into Abigail’s Magic World. That’s when the real fun began! I experienced synchronicities that could only be explained as magic, and discovered who I am at my core – a quest I’ve been on for the last several years.”

–DEANA DODDS, Endorsed Mind-Body Coach

My 1-1 coaching schedule is currently full, so please register below to be added to the waitlist. When a spot opens up, you’ll be notified!

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