Get Your 5 Minute Inner Wisdom Shortcut

A few weeks ago, I planned something incredibly restorative for myself for the month of October. I’m calling it Sacred Dreaming.

Then I thought; why do this by myself? I know many like-minded souls who are fascinated by mind-body magic, want to connect to their intuition and divine guidance even more, and might want to join me.

So….you’re invited! Curious? Check out the video below!


Sacred Dreaming does not involve a major commitment on your part. You can choose how much you do/don’t do along with me. Sacred Dreaming is something I wanted to do for myself and my business as I transition my focus to be even more deeply connected to my own soul-guidance. But, I LOVE connecting to fellow souls interested in the mind-body connection, and I realized Sacred Dreaming may be something that could help you, too!

30 Days of Sacred Dreaming kicks off on October 1st.

If you need some delight, inspiration, refreshing new ideas for your well-being, divine guidance, and radical self-kindness, you will love 30 Days of Sacred Dreaming.

Want to participate and chat about Sacred Dreaming? I’ve started a conversation here in the brand-new Mind-Body Magic Facebook Group. Throughout the 30 Days of Sacred Dreaming, I’m going to share weekly Facebook Live Events about the process on my Facebook Page.

In the group, I’ll post the weekly videos from the Facebook Lives, just in case you couldn’t catch them. I’ll also share other inspirations and ideas that will only be available in the Mind-Body Magic Facebook Group. I’d love to hear how it’s going for you, and what you discover during your Sacred Dreaming!

After the 30 Days of Sacred Dreaming ends, I’ll be in the group talking mind-body magic, creativity, well-being, how to go from tired to energized, and so much more!