An Ode to Mind-Body Healing

The Doc's OfficeWhen I was in the thick of the pain struggle, my husband was a Naval Officer.  As a result, we moved regularly, mostly back and forth across the country.  I spent many an hour in various doctors’ offices on both coasts.  I got very comfortable with whipping off my clothes and hanging out mostly nude while waiting for the doctor du jour.  What might have previously seemed embarrassing or uncomfortable to me became the norm.   I no longer cared who was looking at my hoo-ha; I just wanted them to fix it.

Mulling over that period in my life, I easily arrive at gratitude.   I am filled with gratitude for the moment I discovered mind-body healing.  It was like being set free.  I was set free from my own internal habits and patterns, from my own emotional avoidance, and from the never-ending string of doctor’s visits.

I spent some years feeling very angry at doctors.  I spent time being mad at the whole Western medicine model.  So the mind-body tools even freed me from my own anger, and from feeling powerless.

Once I understood my own mind-body-spirit connection, I saw that the doctors were running a race they absolutely could not win.  Having talked with many doctors since becoming a mind-body coach, I can even speak to what they’ve told me.  Many of them spent years scratching their heads and being frustrated that they could not solve these pain issues for people.  Of course they couldn’t – because they couldn’t jump inside someone else’s body or mind and see what thoughts or emotions were causing physiological responses.

I once went to a urologist (one of many, of course) who ran out of the little tiny napkins they give women to cover the southern regions.  I entered the exam room and the nurse handed me the male version – an equally small napkin, much like the female one, with one exception: the giant hole in the middle.  I kid you not.  Apparently it’s for examining the male southern regions?  I really can’t be sure.  Why do you need a hole?  Couldn’t one just lift up the napkin?  Does the little napkin even cover anything, anyway?  Sorry, I digress.

As I sat on the table, trying to cover myself with a tiny napkin with a giant hole in the middle, I felt a slew of emotions.  Astonishment.  Disbelief.  Possibly even a hint of denial.  And then, I started laughing.  It was really just too ridiculous for words.  It was such a clear sign, there might as well have been a giant poster on the wall reading: This is not the right path for you.

So when I think about the man-napkin moment, I smile.  I feel deep appreciation for the mind-body tools that brought me pain relief in my own comfy living room.  I feel happy that this whole method exists, and that I now get to share it with other women.  I feel a kinship with women who are sitting naked in exam rooms thinking, “There simply has to be another way.”

Even though not everyone wants to go the mind-body route, and I know that each person is on their own individual path, I want to take a moment to celebrate with those of you who are equally grateful to have found mind-body healing.

Isn’t it great? Isn’t it amazing?  Isn’t it empowering to know that you never have to wear a man-napkin in an exam room again?  (Maybe that’s just me.)  Even if you’re new to the whole thing, isn’t it fantastic to feel hope?  To have a sense that you’re onto something good?

I don’t know what got into me today, but I just felt like celebrating this wonderful thing that changed my life.  It felt like the day to proclaim joy and appreciation right out loud.  To say, “I love you, mind-body healing!”  The best thing about mind-body tools is they keep on giving, even after the pain or symptoms are gone.  So, to all of you who are journeying in these mind-body realms with me, know that it just keeps getting better and better.  That’s something to celebrate!

Are you new to the blog?  Wondering where you can find these apparently amazing tools?  They are all crammed into my audio course, The Healthy Mind Toolbox, available HERE.

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2 Responses to An Ode to Mind-Body Healing

  1. Gail Kenny July 30, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    Hi Abigail:

    I love this topic. I spent so many years as you did on exam tables with my hoo-ha exposed that it became routine. I’m totally in gratitude about how much better I feel.

    I had my first colonsocopy today (the joys of being 50!). So had the other side of my hoo-ha exposed. I had been dreading this day for years when my pelvic pain was real bad. So I definitely worked some thoughts around that this week. I did know that I could totally do this now and be okay. Even better, I intentionally went into it today with a sense of adventure and open-heartedness (and some nervousness). I decided to be open in my heart with the nurses and doctor. As a result I had a really nice connection with him. As we discussed past surgeries I’d had I got to tell him that in the last few years I am so much better and that the pain was just from muscle tension caused by stress. I told him how I worked with you over the phone and that I so impressed that I am in life coach training now. He wanted to me contact him about this as his irritable bowel patients could use this and I had a business card handy to give him.

    It so works to regularly come back to gratitude and that warm heart-space feeling. I’m really getting that and practicing it. Thanks so much!

  2. Abigail July 30, 2010 at 6:03 pm #

    I’m so happy for you, Gail! Thanks for sharing in the celebration with me!

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