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One of my favorite ways to attract what I want is to make an evidence list. I thought  you might enjoy applying this tool to whatever it is you want right now. Let’s get started!

First, figure out what your mind-story is around what you want but don’t yet have.

For example, your mind might say things like:

I can’t make enough money.

I’ll never be healthy.

My business won’t succeed.

I can’t lose weight.

My body isn’t attractive.

 Next, find the opposite of that statement.

 You can embellish it a bit or change the wording, if that feels good. For example:

I can make plenty of money.

I am healthy. (Or I can be healthy.)

My business is succeeding.

I can lose weight.

My body is attractive.

Then, write this new statement at the top of a poster board, huge piece of paper, or whiteboard.

You can use a notebook, too, but a giant thing you can see on your wall every day is the best bet.

Finally, list one piece of evidence that proves your statement true on your poster.

Do this every day for as long as you like, but a month is a really good running start. Here’s an example:

I can lose weight

–          I have lost weight before.

–          I am listening to my body’s hunger signals now and notice I’m eating less.

–          I feel more energetic and want to move more.

–          I haven’t felt like overeating in a week.

–          I have moments where I really can like my body instead of judge it.

–          Etc.

At first, your mind might have a small hissy fit and argue with you when you put your evidence up on the poster. Just keep doggedly adding evidence. You can make your statements as specific or as broad as you need to in order to feel hopeful. For example, you could start with “I am abundant” instead of “I can make plenty of money.” Then, count anything you have in abundance as evidence – even if it’s that you’ve stockpiled many bars of soap.

So, there’s your homework for the next month! This is one of the strongest manifestation tools I use. And recently, a client who did this homework won a $5,000 website makeover after starting her “Things come to me without me trying hard” poster. Yep, that’s right! Get your poster board and marker and start now!