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Stressed to the Limit?

This morning, I stumbled into my kitchen to cook breakfast, only to remember that there’s nothing in the kitchen. All the cooking utensils, plates, and bowls are scattered throughout my living room right now, and none of the cupboards have doors. The walls are half-painted and the counters are covered in sawdust. I currently can’t […]

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What’s Your Big Dream?

I woke up on New Year’s day and immediately thought, “This is the year of big dreams.” The thought came out of the blue and had a soul feel to it. I can feel the truth and energy behind it – BIG dreams. I count myself lucky to be in the business of helping people […]

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Tossing the New Year’s Resolutions

We’re coming to the close of another year and heading into that familiar tradition of taking stock and making New Year’s resolutions. I, for one, will not be partaking of this tradition. As you’ve noticed, I’ve been writing about self-kindness recently, and not applying force or pressure to create change in one’s life. My main […]

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