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Sunday, December 8 was my birthday. Two years ago, on December 8, I discovered I was pregnant. It was a dream come true and a fabulous birthday present all wrapped up in one package. I was excited, nervous, happy, petrified, delighted, scared…you get the drift. I knew I was in for an enormous transition, but like any woman pre-motherhood, there was no way to imagine the reality. The reality of motherhood and the transition into it was harder, easier, worse, better, scarier, and happier than I could have ever dreamed. It was a pile of change, change, and more change, in every corner of my life.

My body, mind, and emotions had a tumultuous two years. I remember one day, when I was at the bottom of the pit, feeling despondent, I used the Core Anamsong Practice to tune in to my soul. My soul said:

Everything has to burn down to the ground right now, because you are being rebuilt. Your emotional well-being is being reborn. Your mind is being re-tooled. Your body is being upgraded to hold a stronger energy and vibration. You will see that in the end of this, you will be happier, healthier, and better in every way. Your marriage will be better. Your life will be better. Your work will be better. Your ass will be better. Trust. Keep listening. Follow your heart.

Well, ok, my soul didn’t really say the word “ass.” It said, “bottom.” As I was receiving this message, I saw images of my future life. I saw my improved relationship with my hubby. I saw myself strong, confident, and trusting myself as a mother. I saw my body working better than ever before. I saw my coaching practice expanding and evolving into something even bigger and more aligned with my heart.

It was such a strong image that I kind of even believed it. Even though my mind was so upset, so resistant, and so angry that it still railed against the experience, my wiser self settled into the experience and began to trust that all was, truly, ok. My soul knew it was all good.

In the worst moments, that message from my soul was the glimmer of light that kept me going. I had my tantrums, my enormous doubts, and my moments of sheer terror, but I also had that message to hold in my heart.

A few days ago, I realized that the soul message has come true. When I wasn’t looking, I arrived at the other side of the bridge, and have indeed crossed over into my new life. I feel as though the transition phase from pre-mother to mother is now complete. (I’m not saying I have the mothering thing down. I just have a deep sense of who I am as a mother now, and I trust myself in that.)

My life is nothing like it was before, and it is much, much, better. I had a pretty darn good life before I had Aela, my daughter, so you can imagine that now things are actually really, really, really good. I have a fabulous husband who is being the most amazing stay-at-home dad. I am better at communicating than ever before, and continue to learn more every day. I have an amazing daughter who teaches me about truth, strength, trust, emotions, joy, and zest for life, every single day. I get to do the work I love, with much more awareness, compassion, and humility than ever before. I have a better relationship with my mind and emotions and am better at riding the waves of the ups and downs of life. I feel creative energy flowing in much larger surges than I’ve ever experienced. And, interestingly enough, my body is actually stronger, healthier, and more full of life than ever before. Old issues that used to bug me now and then seem to have healed during the “Great Ass Debacle and Ensuing Healing.” The emotional work I did during the past year seems to have radically improved my pelvic region and cleared fears that I didn’t even know my body was still holding.

I’m still making some tweaks on the New Me and adjusting to all that happened during the transition to motherhood. Yet, I can feel that the re-build is over and I’m just learning how to live in my new home. I really do feel as though I was burned to the ground and re-built. I can also see that it needed to happen for me to fulfill my intentions around motherhood and what I wanted to give, model, and be for my daughter. I’ve long been on the spiritual awakening journey, but this experience has forced me to focus in a new way and open to more awareness, more spirit, more lessons, and more joy.

I write this post today to both honor and celebrate the journey I’ve been on and to hopefully encourage anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by transition and the sweeping changes it brings. Transition, being burned to the ground, and rebirth are all important parts of the growth process that happens as we awaken more and more to who we really are, to our inner truth, to our ability to trust ourselves, and to our awareness of our own limiting patterns. My soul was right. It really is all good, even when it seems all bad.

This year, I celebrate my birthday with deep gratitude for being alive, healthy again, and temporarily not in a transition. Because even though it is all good, it’s nice to rest a bit in the calm waters before the waves pick up again and move me forward into the next phase of the journey. I have a deep sense that it’s all about learning to float, whether the waters are calm or stormy. And trust. And love. And believe. And just be who I am, just like Aela is who she is. I am immensely grateful for her, my teacher, my daughter, and my soul-friend. She will always be the best birthday present I could have imagined.


Behind the Scenes: Mind-Body Coach Training 2014

I just wanted to announce that there is a great deal of behind-the-scenes work happening for the 2014 Anamsong Mind-Body Coach Training!
If you’re a coach and you are interested in taking the training, get on the First to Know Email List for further updates on the 2014 Mind-Body Coach Training! 
Dates aren’t set yet, but we’re looking at late spring, early summer for the first class. We’ll be taking applications in the New Year. Meanwhile, here are some of the exciting updates!

  • A simpler pre-requisite process
  • MORE coaching practicum classes
  • Even more in-depth and thorough mindbody tools and materials
  • More support for you throughout the process (the Endorsed Coaches are going to be much more involved as supportive guides)
  • A brand new learning site
  • An improved post-training community platform and support

And, we’re keeping the favorite aspects of the training, which include:

  • Abigail teaching the core materials and giving feedback
  • A warm, compassionate learning environment
  • An in-depth self awareness process with lots of support
  • Clarity for yourself to help you hear your intuitive guidance from within
  • Effective and efficient tools to help you and your clients improve the mind-body connection in all ways
  • Post-training lifetime updates of all new materials (basically, every time I run the training, all former participants get the new classes)

We’re not ready to unveil the new Mind Body Coach University site just yet, but as soon as it’s finished, we’ll let you take the first peek at everything about the new training! (And don’t worry – if you already took the pre-requisite class last year, you won’t need to do anything this time. You can just sign up for the training.)
Don’t forget to sign up for the First to Know Email List to get early registration info before anyone else!
Happy Holidays!