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I just wrapped up the final weeks of the 2015 Mind-Body Coach Training, and I am incredibly inspired! These newly-minted mind-body coaches are knocking my socks off with their clarity and commitment to the mind-body healing process. They’ve thrown their hearts and souls into the training, and the results have been spectacular.

For example, several of the students who started the training in physical pain and limited around activities are now pain-free and actively back to doing what they love. They are able to do daily life essentials that they’ve been avoiding due to pain. Other students who took the training to focus on other areas of mind-body work are experiencing more connection to their inner wisdom, are actively creating art, have lost weight, and are feeling less stress and more relaxation. Fabulous!

In the 2015 Mind-Body Coach Training private Facebook group, the vibe is celebration and fun. It’s amazing to see how delighted everyone is with all they’ve created in their lives throughout the training. They’ve used the mind-body tools on themselves for many months now, and they’ve coached each other regularly. They’ve done a massive amount of inner work with courage, heart, and conviction. They are out there coaching others and bringing mind-body healing to those who need it.

Congratulations, Mind-Body Coach class of 2015! You’ve amazed me at every turn, and I can’t wait to see the work you do in the world.

In light of all this amazingness, I’m taking ideas and feedback from this group of incredible trainees and rolling up my sleeves to get the 2016 training ready! I love spiffing up the training every year, planning new and exciting additions, and doing all the prep work to create an ever-better training each year.

The 2016 Mind-Body Coach Training application process will be opening up in early 2016. If you’re interested in joining us, make sure you sign up here to be notified when the application process is open! I’ll be over here sprucing things up for you and chomping at the bit to open the 2016 Mind-Body Coach Training doors.

Here are a couple stories below!

It’s hard for me to find the exact words that succinctly convey the full impact that this past 6 months in mind-body coach training has had on me. It has been such a gradual, subtle, gentle and under the radar process that during it it could have been undetectable by the untrained eye! A year and a half post-back injury, the discomfort was still there and I was deathly afraid of never being able to exercise or even move without discomfort. Concerns about my back were in my mind all the time, with lots of negative predictions for the future. The mind-body structure that Abigail has created is so gentle and effective, it crept up on me before I realized that I was feeling more ease and relief.

It seems counterintuitive to the “hard work” that I tend to believe is required for healing, but all I can say is it works and I am so grateful to have these skills now. They have changed my relationship with my body and mind, and have allowed me to be fundamentally kinder to myself in general. I highly recommend this approach for anyone suffering from anything.

I feel more in-tune with what my mind-body wants to do, and I AM EXCITED about the prospect of following its flow, from here on. And, supporting others to follow theirs.

– Mara

Abigail’s coach training delivered on everything it promised, and so much more! On a personal level, I’m much easier on myself, I’m less often anxious and stressed, and my relationships feel more intimate and connected. The training also changed my coaching for the better. I now have more confidence in my skills and more trust in my intuition – it feels like I’m coaching from a place of joy and ease rather than effort.

The tools that Abigail has developed, all based in the latest mind-body research, are easy to learn and communicate to clients. Don’t worry if your niche isn’t people with chronic pain or health problems – Abigail’s mind-body approach is powerful medicine for any issue that’s causing suffering in a client’s life.

– Christina Ferrari Muller