Debby healed from chronic pain, and you can, too!


get-well-soon-1311907Debby was struggling with pelvic pain and back pain.

She wasn’t able to work much and was in constant pain. I learned her story from an email she sent me last year, and it was a very familiar story indeed. Like myself and all of my clients have experienced, she was at her wits end.

She’d tried affirmations, positive thinking, meditation, and many other techniques.

In fact, when she emailed me, she sent me a list of all the things she’d tried in order to heal herself. Nothing had worked.

She was interested in taking my Mind-Body Coach Training , because she hoped to learn something that would help. Yet, she was very skeptical. (And, who wouldn’t be? After trying everything, a person tends to get a little doubtful.)

She sent me her list of things she’d tried, and she said, “Is there anything in your training that I haven’t already done? Do you have anything that I haven’t tried that would actually help me heal?”

From her list, I could see that everything she’d tried was, indeed, useful and helpful.

But, after years and years of working with people in pain, I can spot the places where a person needs specific tools and knowledge to troubleshoot a mind-body healing journey.

So, I emailed Debby back. I told her that yes, I did see exactly why she hadn’t healed yet, and yes, she could absolutely heal. The mind-body tools I use would, indeed, be effective, and she could be on her way to health. I explained everything in detail so that she could see exactly where the gaps were in her mind-body healing process.

Debby decided to try the mind-body tools and see what the results would be.

I knew Debby was skeptical, and she even asked me to promise, during the first week of Mind-Body Coach Training, that she could be pain-free. I had to laugh, because she was so forthright in her skepticism. She was not a true believer, but she was so willing to give it a shot. I promised her that yes, if she applied what she was learning, she could be out of pain. Of course there’s never any guarantee, but I could see her determination. I could feel her strength. I believed in her.

She took the Mind-Body Coach Training because she wanted to learn every tool and trick I have up my sleeve. She dove right in and went for it. She gave it her all.

So what happened?

Here’s Debby’s story in her own words:

I’m healed!

I’m pain free after four-years of daily, debilitating pelvic and lower-back pain.

These mind-body tools and methodology work.

As an experienced master certified Martha Beck life coach, before signing up, I asked Abigail if she really had something different. I needed to hear it out loud. She said yes, clearly and confidently.

After all the doctors, specialist, chiropractic manipulations, physical therapies (external and internal), tailbone and sacroiliac joint injections, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, massage, tai chi, and yoga, this felt like my last hope.

I learned a lot, applied, and integrated. Made amazing new friends and am now coaching clients using these amazing tools and methodology.

This coach training was life changing. I have my life and mobility back.
It was worth every penny, moment of study, and application of each and every tool.

Thank you Abigail!

Though Debby wrote that testimonial to thank me, the reality is, she did it all herself. I supplied the tools, but she put them to practice in her life. She was willing to look past her own doubt and try it anyway. The Debby I know today is full of joy, passion, and excitement for helping others heal, too. I’m grateful that she joined the training simply because it was magical to watch her transform. I’m honored to have been a part of her journey and path.

I share her story because I want you to have lots of hope and inspiration for your healing journey. However you choose to learn mind-body healing, you, too, can create health. All you need is a little determination. (There are tons of great mind-body tools free here on the blog, by the way!)

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