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Mind-body-spirit tools gave me my life back in my early twenties. I’d suffered from two pelvic syndromes for years; interstitial cystitis and vulvodynia.

After I discovered mind-body healing, I was finally able to live without these syndromes. (Happy dance!)

Mind-body-spirit tools gave me my life back last year, too. 

Even though I was facing a huge and difficult health crisis (as described in this blog post here), I consider myself lucky.

I had years of using my own mind-body-spirit tools under my belt, so I was able to face big decisions with clarity.


Because I had access to my inner wisdom, which meant I knew how to feel my emotions and stay connected to myself rather than suppress and disconnect. Inner wisdom told me when I needed to find new doctors and seek different help.

I knew how to navigate and advocate. I could trust my own wisdom.

Dealing with a really rough case of pelvic organ prolapse was hard and scary. However, precisely because I have my mind-body-spirit tools, I was able to take amazing care of myself.

I found the right doctor. I found the right surgery. I found the right physical therapy.

Inner wisdom was the reason I was able to recover, and still continue to recover. (Seriously. Without it, I would have chosen the wrong doctor and had the wrong surgery. My original doctor was planning it all out!)

I was able to trust my inner wisdom when it guided me to create new visions for my business and reconnect with doing what I loved.

And, guess what? Take note, sufferers of pelvic pain! I flew through major pelvic surgery without a recurrence of interstitial cystitis or vulvodynia. SAY WHAT? Yep! That’s the power of long-term use of mind-body-spirit tools.

One common misconception I’ve seen in mind-body healing is the notion that mind-body-spirit tools are all you need to stay healthy forever. Watch out for that mindset!

We are humans, living a human experience.

The minute you put pressure on yourself to get healthy and stay healthy forever, you’ve added both stress and an impossible goal to your plate.

Healing mind-body syndromes like interstitial cystitis and vulvodynia did not prevent me from experiencing pelvic organ prolapse – an entirely separate issue – which is the result of internal ligament tears and breaks. (Which are caused by multiple factors: genetics, childbirth, trauma, posture habits, incorrect pelvic care during hard workouts (over time), and unhelpful breathing habits.)

I took really good care of my pelvis from age 25 on, using a combo of mind-body-spirit tools and pelvic physical therapy. However, there was still a lot I didn’t know. I still exercised in ways that did pelvic damage. I still gave birth in a hospital where they did not let me use a birthing position that was safe for my pelvis. (There wasn’t much choice where I lived at the time.)

We are just human beings, living and learning every day. That’s why I love the mind-body-spirit tools. They help you navigate any challenge, and they help you release the pain and stress of mind-body syndromes like interstitial cystitis and vulvodynia, which come largely from internal self-pressures and emotional suppression. I am so grateful I’ve been able to handle this new pelvic situation with these tools to support me and to prevent recurring pain.

I am passionate about teaching people how to use mind-body-spirit tools to create a solid connection to inner wisdom and well-being.

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In the training, you’ll learn the tools for yourself and for your clients, should you choose to become a coach. (You can certainly take the training just for you!)

Here’s to mind-body-spirit tools and the gifts they bring!

P.S. I’m focused on running the training and other programs for mind-body-spirit tools and Slacker Magic (which was a big part of my journey last year!), but you can always connect with one of my coaches if you need help with pelvic pain or pelvic syndromes. See the full list here!