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by Endorsed Coach, Meryl Feldman

How often do you stay in your head, ruminating, looking for an answer to a problem or even just overthinking a situation?

I did this quite often – staying up in my head which wasn’t giving me the healing or information that I needed. As a Mind-body coach, I knew that I needed to drop into my body and allow for emotional energy flow. I knew that I needed to put my attention on the physical sensations in my body – that clenched jaw, that funny feeling in my tummy, that tightness in my chest. My body is where my emotions were housed, but I couldn’t necessarily remember to drop into my body – it wasn’t my habit.

Until I got an intuitive phrase that now reminds me to leave my head and focus on my body’s physical feeling of my emotions.

I call it  “let it flow, Babe!”

A great example of this is my Rat story.   Ugh, blech – even the mere mention of that creature makes me cringe.  And what an amazing lesson was brought to me through this little animal.

I was walking home one night and I heard a squeak and rustle in the bushes next to me.  I turned my head and lo and behold it was a rat.  I squealed, jumped and hurried away.

My mind was racing with the image of the rat and I couldn’t stop cringing and thinking “ooh, ugh, ooh, ugh, how gross.

And then I heard the words “let it flow, Babe!”

Oh, yeah – my body – I’ve got to get in my body.

So, as I continued to walk, I put my awareness on my body – on the physical sensations that were going on in there.

I noticed all kinds of swirling in my chest and abdomen, a felt sense of alarm.  I  continued to walk and keep my attention on this.

“Wow,” I thought to myself, “such an intense commotion happening in my body.” I reminded myself that I was safe in feeling this intensity.

And that was it.

By the time I got to my house, a few minutes later, my mind was on other things.  I totally had forgotten about the rat.

Wow – what a lesson that was for me and I hope for you as well.  I used my mind, not as a tool to figure out what I was feeling when I saw the rat – disgust, heebie- jeebies etc. , but as an instrument to turn inwards and notice the physical sensations that were coming up for me.

With the attention on those, the emotional energy dissipated and so did the sense of alarm.  The energy didn’t get stuck in my body.  By the time I stepped into my house, my body felt calm and my mind ready to engage in interacting with my family.

I’ll end here with some words of gratitude to the rat – thank you for presenting me with the opportunity to “let it flow!”


Meryl Feldman is an endorsed Mind-body coach, as well as certified Martha Beck coach, who specializes in personal coaching for women seeking greater health and joy in their ever-changing lives. She helps her clients tap into their own abundant source of healing capabilities and intuitive wisdom to create a life filled with clarity and vitality. She offers unique programs for relationship issues, back pain relief and freeing women of chronic health issues (including UTIs). For more info, visit her site She offers a free 20-minute consultation and welcomes all inquiries.