Get Your 5 Minute Inner Wisdom Shortcut

Many years ago, when I first started learning about the mind-body connection in order to relieve chronic pain, I read lots of different books, learned from lots of different people, and slowly compiled a LOT of research. I did this because I needed to find a way to really make my own mind-body connection work for me, so that I could heal myself. In the end, I found what seemed to be the most effective ways to quickly and thoroughly use mind-body healing techniques to help myself.

As the years passed, I got more efficient with my techniques. I started teaching them to others who wanted to know how to heal themselves. Working with others and continuing to keep myself healthy led to something interesting; I found that I had boiled down my own mind-body practice to a core practice. I relied on this core practice every day to maintain my health, feel good emotionally, and decrease my stress.

After years of chronic physical pain and stress followed by years of using mind-body healing, I know that it is vital to my health and well-being to maintain a light but effective mind-body routine. Without that, I tend to fall back into old patterns, old ways of dealing with stress, my body, my emotions, and daily life. When I fall back into old patterns, I get sick, something starts hurting, or my body finds some way to remind me to get out my mind-body skills.

Yet, I’m also a person who likes to do a lot of different things. I’m usually fairly busy, excited about lots of different projects, and living a full life. I don’t want to devote hours and hours a day to my mind-body practice. That’s why I ended up distilling all those hours of research and all those mind-body healing tools down into my short daily practice.

About a year ago, I started using this distilled core mind-body practice of mine with my clients. I wasn’t sure if it would work for others – I just knew it worked for me. Yet, my clients found it extremely helpful. It seemed I’d found a concise way to help people with the “how-to” of mind-body healing.

Now, I’ve written the core mind-body practice down and created a package for anyone who wants to learn and use it in their own lives – no coaching needed. It’s all there, in a short ebook, a sample recorded coaching session, and a guided audio of the practice. It’s my go-to tool for myself, what I use with my clients, and the basis for everything I do in my personal and professional practice.

Since I’m about to take a short coaching hiatus while I give birth and transition into motherhood, I thought this would be the ideal time to share this Core Anamsong Mind-Body Practice with you. You can learn everything you need to know in the ebook, start implementing it into your own life, and essentially coach yourself! The guided audio will allow you to sit back and be taken through the practice any time you want. I always love being guided, myself, so that I can close my eyes, sink deeply into the practice, and really get great results. And, hearing me coach a client through the practice will help you see it in action and apply it to your own life.

Whether you’re struggling with pain issues, stress, confidence, or even career and business building, the Core Anamsong Mind-Body Practice will serve as a central tool for you to use to create change in your life. I’m so excited for you to try it out, start to see the power of the combined mind-body skills working in your life, and get results.

By now, if you follow my blog, you’ve probably downloaded the Hear Your Soul, Heal Yourself complimentary ebook. (If not, grab your copy in the right sidebar sign-up box!) I’ve written that ebook to give you a good, solid, introduction to the mind-body healing basics. Now, you’re ready to take it further, to a deeper level, to the next step. You’re ready to use the Core Anamsong Mind-Body Practice, which is slightly more advanced, but can serve as a basis for your daily practice for years to come. It’s the practice that will allow you to connect deeply with yourself, heal, and let your soul sing.

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