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In 2008, I made a kick-ass vision board. It had all the fancy trimmings; beautiful pictures cut from magazines, crafty decorative doo-dads, intentions and positive words, and even a check written to myself for the monthly amount I wanted to make as my new coaching business grew.

I spent a lot of time on that vision board. I planned it out in advance, spending several weeks creating all the different pieces and then finally putting it all together. It was a ton of fun to create.

Over the next five years, that vision board served me well. The dreams it depicted came to pass.

Eventually, it was time to make a new one. Yet, I procrastinated. I didn’t get out the magazines, beautiful paper, or crafting glue.

I asked myself why I wasn’t motivated to make a new vision board. No answer came. Meanwhile, I was busy handling the things that had come true from the 2008 board. Namely, an extremely thriving coaching business that I loved, and a cute, sweet baby girl that I loved even more.

Yet, I had a lot of new ideas and dreams for my life, and there were some really specific things I wanted to create.

I could feel the desire in my heart to create a new vision board.

However, I was tired. As in, exhausted. Completely wiped out. Even the very idea of creating a vision board made me want to take a nap. Technically, everything made me want to take a nap. Which is why I needed a new vision board; it was time to call in some great help in my life.

Have you ever been too tired to have fun? In kind of an existential-tired sort of way? Have you ever felt a desire to wish you wanted to do the fun thing, but even wanting to do it is just too hard?

I have so been there. Sometimes, soul-weariness takes over and a sloth-like energy descends upon us. For good reason, I’ve learned! This is why I’ve come to love what I call slacker magic. Slacker magic is my technique for creating what I want without tons of self-pressure, over-efforting, or ignoring my inner wisdom.

Since a vision board just wasn’t happening, I did something radical: I did not try hard to make a great vision board. I put NO pressure on myself to create one.

In my hazy, exhausted state, I followed my slacker magic plan. I did only what felt exactly right. (My mind often likes to tell me I should do more, which is why slacker magic really helps.) Completely by accident, (aka, magic) I created something enormously effective: The Slacker Vision Board.

And, ladies and gentlemen, I must say, I’m not kidding when I tell you it was effective! It was WAY better than my fancy 2008 version. Things started manifesting very quickly after I put them on the Slacker Vision Board.

Today, I’d love to share this incredibly uncomplicated, ridiculously simple technique with you.

I wish for you a year full of slacker magic, and this is a great way to start.

Find out how to create your very own Slacker Vision Board in the video below.

In case you think I’m making it sound more half-assed than it is, I’m providing evidence. Yep, 100% slackery.

Having watched the video, you might be curious as to why forgetting about your Slacker Vision Board is helpful. Letting it slip your mind actually allows your subconscious to go to work without the interference of your conscious mind. Hand the matter over to the expert; your subconscious.

However, since that’s easier said than done, I find this Slacker Vision Board technique highly effective. My crappy whiteboard is not something I am drawn to look at or think about. It’s easy to forget. Therefore, it’s easy to set my intention and let go. This is the beauty of slacker magic; while you are trusting your inner wisdom and following what feels delicious, magic is creating, always creating, in the background. When you least expect it, voila! Solutions and delightful opportunities come to you in ways you could never have consciously tried to create.

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