Reclaim your magic now with the 7 Days of Slacker Magic program.

If you want more magic in your life, you’ll need to do one thing.

It might not seem like the powerful, magic-maker that it is at first. It’s something that’s easy to overlook. It’s easy to say, “Oh, yeah, that seems like a really great idea,” and then completely forget to do it. 


Because it’s not something we’re usually taught to do, and it can mean changing your way of being toward yourself in radical ways. 

The one thing you need to do to create more magic in your life is to practice self-kindness. This will make more magic happen than any special techniques or methods ever can. 

Self-kindness is the foundation for all magic.

It’s the source of your power. It’s the key ingredient to creating well-being, energy, synchronicities, and anything else you deem magical. 

Try this simple way to add more self-kindness to your day:

  1. Notice when you feel stressed, tense, or anxious.

  2. Stop and check for any self-judgments or criticisms.

  3. Set them aside for the moment and shift how you are approaching yourself.

  4. Find the most compassionate and understanding thing you can say to yourself right now.

  5. You might have to pretend you’re talking to a loved one or a pet in order to find the compassionate and kind thing to say to yourself. Once you’ve found it, repeat it a few times

Every time we wish we were better, different, or more perfect, there’s a subtle tension and pressure in our bodies. Letting go of some of that each day will radically change how you feel, which will radically change how much creative energy is available. 

The more compassion you can bring to yourself, the better you’ll feel. 

The freer you feel, the more magical you’ll be. 

You’re invited to let me know how it’s going over in the Mind-Body Magic Facebook Group, where we all practice self-kindness and keep our focus on magic.