Become a mind-body coach!

  • Do you have a passion for personal growth and the mind-body connection, and would love to put it all together to coach others?
  • Do you feel called to leave your 9-5 and serve others?
  • Do you want to help others and find some of the coach training structures you’ve seen too “left-brain” and lacking in spirituality and creative freedom?
  • Are you sensitive, empathic and intuitive, and not sure how to fully embrace and utilize these gifts as strengths, or even superpowers?
  • Are you looking for ways to let go of self-pressure and reduce overwhelm?
  • Do you want to add more fun and joy to your life and feel less stuck, obligated, or burdened?

Your future clients need your passion and compassion

You might struggle with your sensitive, empathic, and intuitive nature and even sometimes feel like a bit of a cultural misfit. However…

These traits are actually your coaching superpowers.

Your future clients will benefit immensely from your sensitive awareness and compassionate nature, and so will you. In Mind-Body Magic Coach Training, your natural superpowers will take the lead, and you will build a life that’s compatible with, and in fact, celebrates them.

In Mind-Body Magic Coach Training, you’ll learn:

  • how to build a coaching practice that works with your body and your unique nature
  • a simple structure for understanding the mind-body connection and a set of tools that gives you creative freedom as a coach
  • how to cull your sensitivity and coach with laser-like intuition
  • how to use compassion and empathy without taking on other’s emotional energy
  • how to use the mind-body tools to create a marketing strategy that’s aligned with who you are. (I call this Soul Marketing!)
Registration ends May 1, 2019.


Abigail’s Mind-Body Magic Coach Training truly was a precious gift to me in 2014.

The training helped boost the quality of my personal mind-body connection, and strengthened my confidence and skill level in my professional role as a life coach specializing in mind and body issues. The tools and framework I learned from the training have been a backbone to my practice.

Abigail herself is inspiring in her manner of teaching, her intuitive coaching style, and in her zest for creating new ways to help her students and clients deepen their mind-body knowledge for themselves and to help others. I love the way she injects fun and lightness in her approach.

Thank you, Abigail!”

–MARIXI SALUD, Endorsed Mind-Body Coach

Coach training should be fun!

There is no need to add stress and pressure to your plate just so you can learn how to be an incredible coach. In this training, you will:

  • take pressure OFF and enjoy the learning process
  • learn in a way that actually works with your nature
  • use my secret to living happily as a recovering perfectionist: Slacker Magic.

Slacker Magic is a thread throughout the training because perfectionism kills creativity and well-being. I’ve found it takes a heavy dose of slacking to counteract the amount of self-pressure most gentle, intuitive people put on themselves. With humor and fun, we’ll employ this light-hearted remedy to too much pressure. When you slack (take the pressure off) and follow your inner wisdom, you find you need way less effort and have a lot more fun while getting much better results. Hence the term, Slacker Magic.

The Mind-Body Magic Coach Training is designed to help you:

wisdomLearn how to tune into and
trust your inner wisdom

alignmentCreate alignment within your
mind, body, and spirit

Improve your

undo constant self-pressureRelease perfectionism and

embraceEmbrace and use your natural
sensitivity to become an exceptional coach (without overwhelm)

releaseRelease causes of overwhelm so
that you can have fun coaching

magicLearn to work with magic
instead of effort as you coach
and build your practice

self-kindnessLearn deep self-kindness and

Abigail’s training was life-changing! With her mind-body tools, I became more connected to my body and emotions than ever before. Abigail has lived everything she teaches. I’m so grateful to have such a wise woman as a mentor!”

–UMA SANGHVI, Endorsed Mind-Body Coach

Mind-Body Magic Coach Training is as much about learning and integrating mind-body principles (and Slacker Magic!) in your own life as it as about teaching you how to use them while coaching others. The more you use the mind-body tools, the more effective your coaching will be.

In the training, you’ll learn the complete Anamsong Method (™), the set of mind-body tools I created and have used to help hundreds of clients create well-being, creativity, and magic in their lives.

This is not your “normal” training experience. (In fact, if you’ve ever longed to go to Hogwarts, this might be your perfect fit!)

You will be quite surprised as you walk through the virtual doors of Mind-Body Magic Coach Training. Your first assignment will be to take the pressure off yourself to do anything in the training perfectly. Your next assignment will include a tool to learn how to be exquisitely kind to yourself.

If you’re going to wield mind-body magic tools, you must be in a magical, delightful environment. Mind-Body Magic Coach Training emanates support, compassion, joy, and magic throughout the training because that’s when the best learning happens.

And, of course, you’ll learn how to use mind-body magic tools with your clients!

Registration ends May 1, 2019.

Why become a Mind-Body Coach?

Here are the reasons I’m a mind-body coach, and the reason over a hundred coaches have joined me in the field through taking my training over the last seven years.
Mind-Body Coaches

  • Mind-body coaching is a blend of spiritual and practical tools that address all components of the human mind-body-spirit system; body, emotions, mind, spirit. It does so in a way that is pressure-free and not about “doing better” at self-care or making self-care another job.
  • Mind-body science is magical. The mind-body tools that I developed incorporate the latest in the science of stress physiology. They support nervous system balance and include body-oriented techniques to promote connection to sensation and presence. They are infused with time-tested wisdom traditions that further an embodied connection, wholeness and a sense of purpose. Because of this combination, the tools support the transformation of body, mind, and spirit.
  • Mind-body coaching is highly effective for relief from physical pain, intense stress, and suffering, but it also uses joy, play, and magic to keep it light and bring more fun to your and your clients’ lives.
  • Mind-body coaching addresses the body directly; something that is not always a part of traditional life-coaching programs. Every tool incorporates direct awareness of the body because its wisdom has so much to share.
  • As a mind-body coach, you get to use your creativity and inner wisdom daily while working with people you adore. It’s fun!


Abigail embodies the kindness that she teaches and creates a safety that makes the Mind-Body Magic Coach Training a truly transformational space. Through doing the inner work that I learned in the training I was able to finally embrace my true self and accept that I am a novelist.

Learning to accept the flow of my intuition opened the flow of my creativity and I have not only finally finished the novel I started writing twenty years ago but am now at work on a third. I can’t possibly describe how huge this is for me and I am eternally grateful to Abigail and to the training for that.”


The Mind-Body Magic Coach Training Structure

The Mind-Body Magic Coach Training is a systematic process that includes gaining understanding of concepts, practicing with the coaching tools, gathering feedback and guidance, and sharing in a collaborative group process. In the training, you’ll:

videosWatch videos and read materials assigned to help you to learn about particular concepts, then gather together for video conference classes to discuss, understand and integrate what you’ve learned. New tools and concepts are presented sequentially to support the natural process of learning and integrating the material.

coachingParticipate in coaching practicums where you coach fellow classmates, receive live feedback and have an opportunity to ask questions.

facebookJoin a private Facebook community for sharing in class discussions around assignments, concepts, and anything you need during the training.

reading listReceive a short reading list of supplemental reference books along with your training videos.

teamHave a team of instructors to support you throughout the training. I’ll be teaching most of your live classes around core materials, and my team of Endorsed Mind-Body Coaches will be teaching your practicums. This ensures that you hear and learn a variety of different styles and ways to apply the mind-body tools.

The Mind-Body Magic Coach Training Schedule

All classes will take place on Thursdays at 10 am PT | 11 am MT | 12 pm CT | 1 pm ET for 90 minutes, starting in May of 2019.

You’ll be given access to the first training module on May 2, 2019. Your first live class with me will be on May 9, 2019.

Classes will run weekly from May through October, with the final class date TBA, pending make-up class dates.

The full schedule and class topics are available in the FAQ, below.

All classes will be recorded in case you have to miss class, but to get the most out of the training, you’ll want to plan on attending live as much as possible.

We will have Support Calls held by Nikki Sargent (outside of class time) to help you with any program questions or other needs. 

Registration ends May 1, 2019.

About Abigail, Founder of Mind-Body Magic Coach Training

Abigail, founderIn my twenties, I was in pain, depressed, and panicked. I had unwittingly pressured myself into extreme stress for the first twenty years of my life, and my mind, body, and soul were rebelling. I know what it’s like to struggle and face unbearable suffering on all levels. When I discovered mind-body healing, I found well-being.

I studied and applied the work of Peter Levine, Gabor Mate, Dr. John Sarno, Robert Scaer, Irene Lyon and other mind-body teachers. I have two powerful mind-body mentors: Ana DoValle and Martha Peterson. Combining my studies and in-depth personal healing experiences, I developed the Anamsong Method™, a unique system of mind-body-spirit tools. These tools help me to live magically by listening to my body’s wisdom and my intuition.

Over the last ten years, I’ve helped hundreds of women follow their intuitive wisdom, rediscover their creative magic, restore their energy and well-being, and create entrepreneurial success using the Anamsong Method™. I’ve also trained over a hundred mind-body coaches since 2010. They are thriving and coaching all over the world, helping others find energy and well-being again. Having spent six years as the Director of Wayfinder Life Coach Training for Martha Beck, Inc., I’ve carried over my expertise around creating an inspired learning environment for coaches into my own Mind-Body Magic Coach Training.

Martha Beck

Abigail Steidley is a good coach for bad times. Her coaching can make your life better no matter what your circumstances, but when things get tough she is really in her element. Her ability to forge and strengthen mind-body-spirit connections for her clients make her a safe haven in life’s stormy times. Abigail’s kindness, her wit, her intelligence, and her determination are formidable allies for her clients.”

–MARTHA BECK, Author, Life Coach and Columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine.

What happens when you take Mind-Body Magic Coach Training?

  • You improve your own well-being and regain energy and vitality
  • You discover play, joy, and magic again
  • You begin to trust your inner wisdom and follow its guidance
  • Your clients get to do all this, too!

As a Mind-Body Magic Coach, you’ll:

  • Know how to help others regain energy and vitality (and even relieve pain and create better health)
  • Help your clients trust their inner wisdom and discover play again
  • Help your clients rediscover lost creativity and passion
  • Have the full Anamsong Method at your disposal for client sessions, workshops, and retreats
  • Have the opportunity to become an Endorsed Mind-Body Coach if you choose and be listed on my Find-a-Coach Page (as well as potentially teach for the training)

During the training, you’ll have access to me and my training staff to ask questions and get support. You’ll also be a part of the coach training community, where you’ll connect with fellow trainees and practice coaching together. (If you choose not to become a coach, that’s fine, too! Get coached during class and outside of class from fellow classmates!)


I can’t remember a time where I have felt clearer, more open and inspired in my life. The tools Abigail taught in her Mind-Body Magic Coach Training are ones that will kindly support my clients and me for a lifetime. Truly.
This training has taught me how to ‘tune into my body’ to hear and translate sensations. My inner knowing/wisdom organically flowed from there—without efforting. Imagine that!”


–REBECCA HAMPTON, Endorsed Mind-Body Coach

Post-Training Support

When you’re done with the training, you’ll become a member of my larger mind-body coach community, where we support each other and connect throughout the year. (You do not have to become an Endorsed Mind-Body Coach in order to have access.)

  • You can join the Mind-Body Coach Facebook Group
  • You can join in for the quarterly check-in calls with me
  • You will receive all training updates any time I add to the training at no cost to you! (Yep, no recertification fees, ever.)
  • You can choose to do the Endorsement Process, which includes a review of your coaching abilities and a one-time $300 fee. 

Mind-Body Magic Coach Training Staff

Abigail Steidley
Training Founder and Instructor

Nikki Sargent
Trainee Support, Instructor, and Program Support

Uma Sanghvi
Trainee Support and Instructor

You probably have concerns, like:

  • Can I really make a living as a mind-body coach?
  • How do I market without feeling sleazy?
  • Are there too many life coaches already?
  • Do I have to have it all figured out in my own life to be a good coach?

I completely understand! It’s a big decision to take the training and become a coach. Here’s the happy news:

  • You can absolutely make a living as a coach. I am surrounded by colleagues and coaches I’ve trained who are doing so. You’ll be doing something you are passionate about and creating real change in your life monetarily and emotionally/spiritually by following this passion.
  • The best marketing “technique” is something you already love; creating meaningful connections with others. You’ll be able to use the mind-body tools to market your coaching practice in a way that feels aligned with who you are. The training includes a section called Soul Marketing, with supporting live classes with me to answer your questions about it. If you want, we can dig into your personal coaching passion and find what lights you up.
  • Actually, there aren’t enough coaches! I started training coaches because I could not keep up with the demand for mind-body coaching. I refer clients to my coaches all the time, because there’s no way I could coach all the people who want assistance. Think of how many doctors exist, but we still have waiting lists and backed up doctor’s offices. In the service field, the more the merrier. Plus, people are still discovering the value of coaching and recommending it to others. It’s a growing field.
  • You don’t need all the answers to be a coach, or to have a perfect life. People are looking for the wisdom you have gained from being human and imperfect, and they want permission to stop trying to be perfect themselves. The tools will take the pressure off you so you can simply facilitate. People are seeking coaches not because they have it all together, but because coaching provides reassurance, compassion, relief, and a sense of not going it alone.


Discovering Abigail’s Mind Body coach training was a mind-blowing, magical synchronicity! Honestly, it did not initially appeal to my logical self, but my curiosity got the best of me and did not lead me astray! Learning to listen to and truly BE in my own body and acknowledge its messages was a total game changer. I’d been trying to escape and eliminate discomfort for most of my life and it turns out that that in itself hinders deep and sustained healing.
After years of seeking, I finally found the guru I was looking for: ME. This training helped me open multiple doorways within and gave me permission to connect with my deeper intuitive self. I am forever grateful for Abigail’s presence, experience and ability to gently, kindly and playfully guide others in to unfamiliar territory.”


–NIKKI SARGENT, Endorsed Mind-Body Coach

Training Investment: $6,000

Payment options include:

  • a one-time payment of $6,000
  • a 6-month payment plan

For the payment plan, you’ll pay 6 monthly payments of $1042.

Registration ends May 1, 2019.


Who is the training for?

The Mind-Body Magic Coach Training is for anyone who has a desire to learn more about the mind-body-spirit connection and use that knowledge in his/her own life or as a coach. The training is for you if you have no coach training at all and want to become a coach, or if you’re already trained as a coach and want to add mind-body expertise to your toolbox.

The training is for people all over the world who want to serve others through mind-body coaching! We have trained coaches who are now practicing in Canada, Mexico, Italy, Singapore, Ireland, Australia, and all across the United States. Wherever you are and whatever your background and culture, we welcome you!

What is the training schedule and what are the class topics?


Module 1: Welcome and Your Magic Body Practice
This module includes your orientation to the training, an overview of everything you’ll be learning, and your first mind-body tool, which you’ll apply to your own life right away.

Module 2: Reunite with Your Magic Body
In this module, you’ll learn the full set of body-focused tools that will help you and your clients heal dissociation from the body, repair your relationship with your body, begin to hear its wisdom, and create a sense of safety in your own body.

Module 3: How to Coach Using the Anamsong Method
In this module, you’ll learn the basics of mind-body coaching; the foundation for using the tools with your clients.

Module 4: Handling Hard Stuff
In this module, you’ll learn the importance of understanding trauma, what we do and don’t work with as mind-body coaches, how to help clients bring light and safety to harder things they’ve experienced, and cutting edge mind-body science to help you and your clients create healthy nervous systems.

Module 5: Nurture Your Nature
In this module, you’ll learn the full set of emotion tools, all about emotions, why they are so important, how to access their wisdom, and what to do with them when they feel overwhelming.

Module 6: Free the Magical Mind
In this module, you’ll learn the full set of mind tools, how to cultivate a different type of brain function to allow more access to inner wisdom, what to do when your mind causes stress, and innovative ways to access the mind’s powerful abilities to create what you want.

Module 7: Connect to Inner Wisdom
In this module, you’ll learn the full set of inner wisdom tools, how to hear and trust your inner wisdom, and how to build confidence in yourself as you lead your life through wisdom instead of shoulds or fear-based to-do’s.

Module 8: How to Coach on Specific Topics
In this module, you’ll learn how to approach specific issues for clients like pain relief, body-image struggles, relationship issues, creativity, and more.

Module 9: Integration and Slacker Magic
In this module, you’ll pull all the tools from the training together to apply them to marketing your business (Soul Marketing), living your life, and creating more magic.

Module 10: Graduation
In this module, you’ll get access to the Endorsement Process in case you want to complete that (it’s optional) and all the information you’ll need to stay connected as a mind-body coach.


May 2: Training Opens with Access to the Training Website

May 9: Welcome to Mind-Body Coach Training with Abigail

May 16: No live class: Integration Week

May 23: The Body Tools: Q and A with Abigail

May 30: No live class: Integration Week

June 6: How to Coach: Q and A with Abigail

June 13: Handling Hard Stuff: Q and A with Abigail

June 20: Coaching Practicum with Endorsed Mind-Body Coaches

June 27: Coaching Practicum with Endorsed Mind-Body Coaches

July 4: No Class

July 11: The Emotion Tools: Q and A with Abigail

July 18: Coaching Practicum with Endorsed Mind-Body Coaches

July 25: The Mind Tools: Q and A with Abigail

Aug 1: Coaching Practicum with Endorsed Mind-Body Coaches

Aug 8: The Inner Wisdom Tools: Q and A with Abigail

Aug 15: Coaching Practicum with Endorsed Mind-Body Coaches

Aug 22: Coaching Practicum with Endorsed Mind-Body Coaches

Sept 12: Coaching on Specific Issues: Q and A with Endorsed Coaches

Sept 19: Coaching Practicum with Endorsed Mind-Body Coaches

Sept 26: Soul Marketing and Slacker Magic 1: Q and A with Abigail

Oct 3: Soul Marketing and Slacker Magic 2: Q and A with Abigail OR Practicum (TBA)

Oct 10: Soul Marketing and Slacker Magic 3: Q and A with Abigail

Oct 17: Soul Marketing and Slacker Magic (3): Q and A with Abigail OR Practicum (TBA)

Oct 24: Wrap Up with Abigail

Makeup Class Dates in case of cancellation: Oct 31, Aug 29, July 18

What is the Refund Policy?

Jump into the training, explore becoming a mind-body coach and the tools, and if you find it isn’t for you, no problem. You have until May 24, 2019 to ask for a refund, minus a $500 processing fee.

What are mind-body magic tools?

Mind-body magic tools are the practices that help you create transformation by using the mind-body connection consciously and in alignment with your inner wisdom’s guidance. Culture teaches us to ignore our bodies and our inner wisdom and to instead abide by cultural “norms,” which causes us to please everyone but ourselves. Breaking out of the deeply-rooted habit of pleasing others requires a new way of paying attention to our bodies, our emotions, our mind, and our souls. Once you learn to work with all these parts of yourself, you can creating a life filled with energy, magic, and delight is possible.

What can you coach others around?

In the training, you’ll learn to coach others around wellness, confidence, creativity, relationships, work, body image, and more. Whatever your passion, the mind-body tools apply. They help any client heal the mind-body disconnect so rampant in our culture. Using the tools to reconnect mind and body allows your clients to tap into their innate wisdom and get clarity around any issue. This also allows the body to relax, release stress and tension, and experience better health.

What if you want the tools for yourself but aren't sure if you want to coach?

No problem! The training is designed to accommodate anyone who wants to learn and apply all of the mind-body magic tools in their own lives without the requirement of becoming a coach. Everyone in the training will be busily applying the tools to themselves, and class sessions will include opportunities to get coached and to coach others. If you do wish to coach, applying the practices in a personal way is necessary for coaching others.

What is Slacker Magic?

Slacker Magic is a lighthearted way to tame the inner perfectionist so you can stop pressuring yourself and listen to your inner wisdom instead. Think “cutting yourself some slack” plus listening to your inner wisdom = way more magic and better results in your life.

Registration ends May 1, 2019.