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In 2010, Mind-Body Coach Training was born. Since then, I’ve trained nearly a hundred coaches in the Anamsong Method™, a system of mind-body tools to help people reconnect with inner wisdom and recover their natural energy, creativity, and magic.

Uma Sanghvi,one of my Endorsed Mind-Body Coaches, completed the training in 2016 and is doing incredibly helpful work for people who want to overcome anxiety and reclaim joy. In this interview with Uma, you’ll hear about the evolution of my own healing journey, the spiritual and magical aspects of mind-body magic, and simple ways to bring new awareness to your own mind-body healing journey. I hope you enjoy!

Mind-Body Magic Interview
Watch the Interview Here

Speaking of mind-body coaching, the 2019 Mind-Body Magic Coach Training is opening for registration in March. Got questions? Send away!

Learn more about Uma Sanghvi here.