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Everyone wants some magical solution to their problem
and everyone refuses to believe in magic. – Alice in Wonderland

Guess what? magic is real! I want to show you how to access it.

If you wished you were Harry Potter when Hedwig delivered the invitation to Hogwarts, then Mind-Body Magic Coach Training is your place!

Mind-Body Magic Coach Training offers trainings and classes centered around the Anamsong Method™, a unique system of mind-body-soul tools that will restore your energy, well-being, and soul-connection. Classes range from private tutoring to mastery-level magic training.

You’ll learn how to access your intuition and divine guidance and to trust them in order to create more well-being, restore your energy, replenish your soul, and even help others do the same, if you choose.

You can use the tools you’ll learn to improve your creativity, make your practical life easier, make your dreams real, take amazing care of yourself, regain your sense of delight and play, and so much more all with practical magic.

Manifest with mind-body magic and the possibilities are endless.

I can’t remember a time where I have felt clearer, more open and inspired in my life. The tools Abigail taught in her Mind-Body Magic Coach Training are ones that will kindly support my clients and me for a lifetime. Truly.

This training has taught me how to ‘tune into my body’ to hear and translate sensations. My inner knowing/wisdom organically flowed from there—without efforting. Imagine that!

Rebecca Hampton

Discovering Abigail’s Mind Body coach training was a mind-blowing, magical synchronicity! Honestly, it did not initially appeal to my logical self, but my curiosity got the best of me and did not lead me astray! Learning to listen to and truly BE in my own body and acknowledge its messages was a total game changer. I’d been trying to escape and eliminate discomfort for most of my life and it turns out that that in itself hinders deep and sustained healing.

After years of seeking, I finally found the guru I was looking for: ME. This training helped me open multiple doorways within and gave me permission to connect with my deeper intuitive self. I am forever grateful for Abigail’s presence, experience and ability to gently, kindly and playfully guide others in to unfamiliar territory.

Nikki Sargent

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