Reclaim your magic now with the 7 Days of Slacker Magic program.

For months on end, my office looked like it had been attacked by a vivacious crew of toddlers bent on playing with every item in the room. 

Papers blanketed my desk, keyboard, and floor. Books had toppled from neat stacks into piles of flotsam on the carpeted shores by the doorway. 

I had lived happily in this creative mess for several months. 

Then, one day, it was time. I felt the urge in my whole body. 

My office wanted to be organized. My year needed to be mapped out on the calendar. 

It was the right moment to create a fresh start. 

Never mind that the traditional time of year for that had flown by months ago. This was the right moment for my body, mind, and spirit. 

This is a peek into the mysterious ways of Slacker Magic. Trust that whatever isn’t happening now isn’t meant to be happening now. Your moment will come. Your body and spirit will guide the way.

Right now, there are still closets on my to-do list; closets that could maim you if you opened them. They can wait. The moment will come when they ask to be sorted, and that’s when I will tend to them.