You want more magic in your life. You want to manifest with ease. You want to trust yourself and feel confident. 

You want to believe that you can hear, trust, and follow your inner wisdom.


You’ve been taught over the years to ignore it.

You’ve been taught to override your body’s signals.

You’ve been taught to be responsible, get things done through effort and hard work, and to push and pressure yourself to do more and be better. It makes you tired.


inner wisdom

How do you manifest with ease?


How do you really learn to trust your intuition?

And, the biggie. How can you trust that the magic is real when you still need to get stuff done?

If you long for more magic and easier manifesting, you’re in the right place. If you’re sick of pressuring yourself to get things right, get things done, be better, and do better, you’re in luck. I know exactly what it’s like to long for that…and I can help you make it happen.

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Twenty years ago, I went through years of torturous chronic pain. While that definitely sucked, there was a pretty cool outcome: I discovered I’d been culturally trained to pressure, push, and override my body and spirit in order to achieve. And guess what? This day-to-day push through life caused all sorts of physical and emotional stress that didn’t need to be there. Until I discovered that there’s a far easier and more magical way to live instead.

I call this way of being Slacker Magic.

In the Slacker Magic Course, you’ll learn how to throw away self-pressure and learn to slack strategically based on guidance from your inner wisdom. This is actually the secret to easier manifesting and more well-being. You get to have way more fun and, at the same time, celebrate far better results in your endeavors. 

You get to manifest your dreams more quickly, while having more delight. 

You get to have well-being, self-confidence, and self-trust.



magic is real

Magic is real.

You can tap into it via your intuition and get the insights, support, ideas, help, and timing you need to achieve your goals with so much less effort and stress.

magic is practical

Magic is practical.

I use my connection to myself to get all the basic, everyday life stuff done. I use it to run my highly successful business. I use it to parent my daughter. There’s nothing floofy whatsoever about magic. It’s efficient and effective.

Magic is fun

Magic is fun.

It’s such a relief to finally throw all that pressure out and feel the presence of inner wisdom holding your hand, walking with you, and pointing the way down the path of the great unknown.

We gravitate toward the word magic because we know there’s something amazing waiting for us. There were hints of it in our childhood stories and fairy-tales. There were glimpses of it all along. We know in our bones that it’s not supposed to feel like a constant battle.

Instead, we can bring the magic into the everyday and tap into the flow of guidance that’s always there, ready to help.

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Registration is currently closed.

Join me for Slacker Magic, a course designed to completely shift how you approach life so that you can experience more ease, more fun, and more magic…while you still get sh*t done.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use the SLACK Process to integrate Slacker Magic into your life and reduce overwhelm
  • How to cut corners with strategic slacking so that you’re not exhausted or worn down all the time
  • How to interpret body sensations, hear your inner wisdom, and trust its guidance
  • How to handle the fear of taking action on your inner wisdom guidance
  • How to tap into the magical flow and ditch cultural brainwashing

You guys, here’s the thing:

This course will give you the practical basics that you need in order to start trusting yourself. 

It will help you drop self-doubt and self-judgment so that you can see yourself with confidence. 

It will feel supportive and safe; a place where you can show up stressed and overwhelmed and leave with new, practical ways to improve your well-being in mind, body and spirit. 

The Slacker Magic course is affordable because I know it works and I want to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

I’m tired of how overwhelm has permeated our lives and how cultural messages tell us to override our emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental needs.

This isn’t healthy for our bodies or our spirits. I see this overwhelm in my friends, clients, colleagues, and family. This has become the norm.

I want as many people as possible to discover the power Slacker Magic has to create well-being, delight, and fun in their lives.

Sign up for the Slacker Magic course to get stuff done…magically!

Registration is currently closed.

The Slacker Magic course is broken into two phases; learning and integration.

In the learning phase, you’ll have 12 weeks of an alternating pattern between video tutorials and live coaching classes. Phase two is 12 weeks of integration. You’ll need integration time so that everything you learn doesn’t just become another thing you check off your list. Your mind, body, and spirit will need time to absorb the new way of being. You get all this learning and integration with me for only $280!

Phase One


As soon as you register, you’ll have immediate access to the Slacker Magic membership area. There you’ll start with some overview materials and a welcome video to get you rolling. You’ll have the first few Slacker Magic tutorial videos waiting for you so that you can jump into the magic right away.

Then, we’ll meet live the following week, Monday, March 2, for our first Q&A class. You’ll bring any questions you might have from your video tutorials in the membership area. I’ll answer questions and coach live.

This pattern will repeat throughout the 12-week training. You’ll have a week to watch the Slacker Magic tutorials (which cover the complete SLACK Process) and then we’ll meet live the following week for a Q&A/Coaching class.

Throughout the 12 weeks, you’ll:

  • Have access to the Slacker Magic membership area
  • Watch new Slacker Magic videos every other week (to learn the SLACK Process)
  • Meet on Zoom video-conferencing for 90-minute classes with me every other week (alternating with the weeks you watch videos)
  • Connect and get support from me in the Facebook group to implement what you’re learning, slacker-style
  • Learn exactly how to tap into inner wisdom and make magic while doing less

Phase Two


I always wish I had more time with my participants for integration whenever a course ends, so this time I’ve built that in! Once the initial 12 weeks of live learning is complete, you’ll move into the integration phase for 12 weeks of integrating, asking more questions, connecting, and deepening your learning around the SLACK Process.

During this second twelve-week period, you will still have access to all the materials and videos, the Facebook Group, and me! You’ll have monthly Q&A/Coaching Classes with me so that you can get help as you further digest the materials.

I’m keeping the course super affordable even with all this delicious integration time built in so you can definitely create magic this year.

Classes start Monday, March 2 at 10 am PT | 1 pm ET.

Live classes will run every other week for 12 weeks, starting Monday, March 2.

In June, we’ll start the integration phase with live Q&A on the first Monday of every month at 10 am PT | 1 pm ET. You’ll have access to the Slacker Magic course membership website as soon as you register.

Can you really put a price on dumping self-pressure and creating magic and a deep connection to your inner wisdom?

Yes! And it’s an affordable one. While the results may be priceless, the learning will fit your budget:

Full-Pay: $280

4-Pay: $75/month for 4 months

Sign up for the Slacker Magic course to get stuff done…magically!

Registration is currently closed.

Are you ready to step into a life of less effort and more magic?

Make 2020 the year you get stuff done without self-pressure, killing yourself, overriding your body’s wisdom, or boatloads of stress.

2020 can be your year of magical manifesting, inner wisdom guidance, and delightful slacking while you accomplish the goals you’re called to pursue.

The skills and tools in this course are not hard to learn or do. I’ve used them with hundreds of clients. All you need is a little time to practice them and you’ll start seeing results; easier manifesting, more well-being, less stress, more confidence, and more trust.

You can apply everything you learn in this course to your personal life, to-do lists and goals, manifesting practices, personal growth practices, spiritual practices, parenting style, relationships, and even your business.

Bring your questions about how to use Slacker Magic in any of these areas to our live Q&A classes throughout the program.

This is your year of magic.

Sign up for the Slacker Magic course to get stuff done…magically!

Registration is currently closed.