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ChecklistAfter years of applying mind-body healing tools in my life and coaching others around using their mind-body connection to feel better, I’ve finally condensed what I know into practical and digestible pieces. We read about the mind-body connection, we hear more and more about it these days, and it sounds good. But the practical application process of using it in your life might not be clear. How exactly does one strengthen one’s mind-body-soul connection? What does that even mean? How does it help a person heal, lose weight, de-stress, feel more confidence, etc.?

 These are the questions my clients often asked, so over the years, I sought to make the mind-body connection practice as easy as possible. I sought to make my explanations of how mind-body practices work as simple and easy to understand as possible. When you’re in pain, suffering, hating yourself, fighting against your body (how it looks, how much weight you’re carrying), feeling insecure, and completely stressed out, you don’t need something complicated to add to your life.

In fact, this is often the major problem for my clients. By nature, they are over-achievers. They put immense pressure on themselves to do things well, perfectly, or beyond all expectations. They want to excel, be responsible, be in control. When they do something, they do it all out. They think they need to do everything. They have trouble cutting themselves any slack. They judge themselves harshly. They use fear and to motivate themselves to keep going, going, going, beyond their limits.

I know, because this is how I treated myself, too. The result? Chronic tension and pain, a feeling of never doing or being enough, a sense that I was broken/there was something wrong with me, extra weight on my body, and the feeling that my own mind would drive me crazy with criticism.

For someone like me, with those tendencies, learning how to heal via the mind-body connection can become just another thing to do perfectly. I put pressure on myself to spend hours working on myself . Then, if I didn’t follow my strict plan, I’d berate myself. Of course, this didn’t exactly expedite my healing process or improve my mind-body connection. It simply created more stress and a nasty catch-22.

Finally, I caught on. I needed to actually listen to my body and do only as much “mind-body work” as felt right to me. 2 minutes of breathing could be incredibly useful. If I took the pressure off myself to do some elaborate plan and just followed what felt right and helpful, I was actually able to heal more quickly.

When I coach clients, they come in with all kinds of ideas about what they should be doing. In our first session, we usually find a way to take pretty much everything off their plates. We find the simplest, easiest, most enjoyable mind-body practice possible.

When I wrote my ebook, Hear Your Soul, Heal Yourself, I tried to convey this idea. By keeping it simple with four basic mind-body skills and a very easy way to use them in your life, I hoped to make it a relaxing experience to improve your mind-body-soul connection.

However, truth be told, I’m itching to see how it’s going for you. I know there are likely places where you might be struggling a bit, putting pressure on yourself, feeling confused, or just not quite sure how to put it all together. I want to talk to all of you. Of course, it’s a bit difficult to talk to every single person reading the book. That is why I decided to create a telecourse based on the ebook. That way, you can join me in a community discussion about the mind-body skills in the book. You can tell me where you’re struggling (which is likely where others are, too), and we can troubleshoot.

Writing is fun, but I LOVE talking. I love interacting with you and knowing what’s working and what isn’t. I love the constant conversation about mind-body healing with clients, class attendees, and Facebook. I love finessing the application of the mind-body skills to your particular issue. Nothing could be more fun! So, I’m inviting everyone who grabbed a copy of the ebook to join me in the upcoming Hear Your Soul, Heal Yourself Telecourse. If it sounds like something you’d enjoy or find useful, please do join in!

With my limited 1-1 coaching hours (though I’d love to coach everyone who wants coaching, I’d most definitely have to clone myself!), this gives you a highly affordable way to get the help and support you need in applying the ebook concepts to your healing, weight loss, confidence-improving, stress-relieving, or business-building journey. Whichever journey you’re on, we’ll have a blast tweaking and improving your mind-body process so that it really works for you. I can’t wait to answer your questions, coach you, and have a fabulously fun conversation with all of you about everything mind, body, and soul!

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