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Get Out of Food Prison

Get Out of Food Prison

When I was struggling with interstitial cystitis in my early twenties, I tried everything under the sun to get better. I took at least a million different supplements, tried anything and everything I read on the internet, and went to multiple doctors for many... Read more
My Dreadful Stomach Secret

My Dreadful Stomach Secret

Recently, an old enemy reared its head. Actually, it’s a very familiar one. It’s the Body Image Beast. It has haunted me all my life and still, after many years of “working” on it, shows up when I’m feeling vulnerable, afraid, or on the precipice of big change. There... Read more

Troubleshooting Your Healing Process

After years of applying mind-body healing tools in my life and coaching others around using their mind-body connection to feel better, I’ve finally condensed what I know into practical and digestible pieces. We read about the mind-body connection, we hear more and... Read more

The Art of Waiting

I will admit it. Patience is not exactly one of my strengths. According to the Kolbe Index  I’m a Quick Start. This just means that my tendency is to dive into things headfirst and get going, ASAP. I pretty much do everything this way. On the one hand, it does mean I... Read more

The Key to Creating Change – Being a Good Spy

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite books was Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhigh. I loved Harriet. I emulated her in every way, practicing my spy techniques daily. I drove my parents nuts by appearing any time they were trying to have a private conversation.... Read more

Overeating and the Pregnant Revelations

For what seems like my entire life, I have struggled with overeating and not liking my body. That can’t actually be true, since I remember being five years old and definitely not caring about things like that, but by age ten, I’d definitely decided my body wasn’t... Read more