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NotesYour daily expression of your soul song is based on your overall soul song – that fascinating collection of unique and individual elements that make up who you are. Your soul song is not just your personality or the way you think – it’s a blend of every little piece of every little part of you. Your inner longings, dreams, loves, and visions. Your creative force. Your life force energy. Your joys and even sorrows. Everything shapes your soul song, and you’re continually pulling in new elements of yourself to express it even more fully.

 I’m guessing it’s a lifelong project to live, express, and encompass your soul song to its fullest. There’s a process of gathering up new realizations and insights that show you more about your soul. There’s a process of letting go of old beliefs and perceptions that keep you from realizing various parts of your soul song. It’s a bit like a continuous mystery – you get to discover more about you, every day.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’ve collected enough elements of myself to sing my soul song on a whole new level. If I was standing on a stage, singing a melody before, now I am belting it out with new energy, more color, strobe lights, more notes, more volume…just more! It feels so good that I want to help you belt yours out, too.

To find out what belongs in your soul song, you can look back to childhood. I believe that kids sing a fairly pure soul song tune, at least at first. Growing into adolescence and adulthood might teach us to hide or hold back, but when we’re first born, I think we’re singing loud and clear.

As a kid, I loved many things. Creating stuff. Imagining. Putting on productions and generally leading creative projects. Playing music. Writing music. Reading books about magic. Reading books like Harriet the Spy – mysteries and spy stories. Learning instruments. Singing.

I remember spending long afternoons playing “Ode to Joy” on the piano ad naseum. I couldn’t get enough of the sound of melody and how much I loved making it happen.

I got lost at night in books that took me to magical places or taught me how to spy. I often practiced my spying on family members, who learned to look for me around corners and behind furniture.

I fell head over heels in love with American Girl Dolls. Their stories were so fascinating! All that history. I’d always found Barbie to be an utter snoozefest, but American Girl Dolls were – real.

I constantly pinned pillowcases to my head and pretended I had long, flowing, curly hair. When I was ten, I got my first perm and felt like a million bucks. That started a lifelong search for the perfect curl and wave for my naturally straight hair.

I spent weeks every Christmas writing and rehearsing elaborate productions in which I also performed, prodding my brother to practice his part and prepare for the big final performance.

All of these things are clues to how I can fully sing my soul song as an adult. Harriet the Spy taught me how to observe – both myself and others – without judgment and with curiosity. This is the foundation of my coaching, now. My love for American Girl Dolls shows up now as a love for play, a connection to my inner child, and a love for people’s stories. I am endlessly fascinated by people.

All the magic I learned as a kid makes me able to tap into magic as an adult, in a real and practical way. I can let energy create for me, instead of over-efforting and over-working. My musical self still writes music and uses music to connect to my inner wisdom, soul, and inner peace. And I’m most definitely still creating productions, which is my definition of being an entrepreneur.

Eventually, I finally found the perfect hairstyle and curling tool – the deep wave hairwaver (you can read more about this on the About page). My hair is an expression of me, and feels comfortable and fun. The funny thing is, ever since I started using the waver, women stop me wherever I go and ask how I curl my hair. I think this has less to do with my actual hair (though the waves are truly magnificent, if you’re a curl addict like me) and more about the way I feel with my hair waved. I feel so – me. It might seem trivial, but it’s actually not. Anything about you that expresses your soul song, be it a color you wear, a favorite shoe, or a deep internal sense of purpose and clarity, is worth celebrating and embracing.

In the end, being fully you and letting all these parts of your soul come together is what makes you magnetic. This is why letting yourself express your soul song is how you master the law of attraction. You shine bright, you pull what you love toward you, and you radiate a light that connects you to others.

Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Ready to start consciously expressing your soul song? You can start today. Go back in time and think of one thing you absolutely loved as a kid. Then figure out how you can incorporate more of it, the essence of it, or some form of it in your life now. Get ready to feel like you’ve pulled in a piece (or pieces) of yourself that was asking to be included all along.

Start making a list. It’s a never-ending list that you get to keep adding to for the rest of your life. What makes you feel utterly you? What feels like an expression of your soul? What makes you tick? What do you love? Even better, what do you love about you?

I can’t wait to hear about your soul song! I’d love it if you’d visit the anamsong Facebook page and share one-three of your list items!