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Which makes me think back to the very beginning…

In my early twenties, I spent most of my time lying on the couch, unable to wear underwear, jeans, or even use the restroom without pain. I felt hopeless. I was struggling with vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, constant anxiety, and terrible self-esteem. I was overweight. I was in a very, very, low place.

Finding the courage to embark on a quest to heal was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I had to dig myself out of that pit and create a new life for myself. There was only the tiniest seed of hope in the huge dirt-pile of despair.

What would I have loved to have had during that time?

A mind-body coach.

Someone who understood how to help me use my own mind-body system to create well-being.

Someone who had walked a similar path and understood.

Someone who had compassion and empathy for me and also believed in me.

I was my own coach throughout my healing process. The arduous journey I was on made me want to help others. I wanted to be the someone for them that I’d wanted for me.

I felt the pull to work with others even before I was completely pain-free, before I had newfound confidence, and before I lost the weight.

What did I do? I became a coach. There were other people out there, suffering from TMS or Mind-Body Syndrome. I knew them. I understood them. I felt compassion. We were fellow travelers. And in becoming a coach, I found confidence, strength, and knowledge so I could truly help those people.

After I finished my training, I took my specific expertise around mind-body healing and created my own coaching method. It’s designed to specifically help people with pain relief, anxiety/stress relief, creativity, intuitive awakening, and spiritual growth.

Which brings me to YOU.

Even if you think you haven’t walked far enough on your healing path to become a coach, it’s time. If you have read to this point in this post, you are feeling the same pull that I did. My Mind-Body Coach Training is designed to take you through the healing tools first, before you head out and coach. You’ll have the support, the learning, and the path to develop your skills, and you do not have to be “done,” “perfect,” or “completely healed” to start the training.

We’ll focus on you first and foremost throughout the training, because that’s what will make you a great coach. You’ll be ready. You’ll have such solid mentoring and training that you’ll know you can do it (even if you’re a bit nervous – which is, by the way, NORMAL!).

Whomever you are meant to help, whomever you are meant to guide into the world of mind-body healing – they are waiting. This mind-body thing has been a quiet revolution, and we are on the leading edge in my Mind-Body Coach Community. We never stop learning and growing, and you won’t, either. Which means your clients will be so glad they found YOU.

I can’t possibly coach all the people who want help via the mind-body tools you’ll learn in the 2015 Mind-Body Coach Training They need you. You are ready.

DO it.

Here’s a note from Rebecca, who took the training in 2014:

“Attending Abigail’s Mind Body Coach training became a dream of mine when I discovered her in 2012.  Even though my inner wisdom was speaking to me then, I just didn’t know how to really tap in and listen.  That being said, this training has taught me how to ‘tune into my body’ to hear and translate the sensations that speak my mind.  Once integrated, this piece alone allowed me to turn toward my emotions, without resistance, and notice what my mind was doing with clarity not scarcity.  AHHHH so freeing.  Also, I noticed my inner knowing/wisdom organically flowed from this balance—without efforting.  Imagine that!  I can’t remember a time where I have felt clearer, more open and inspired in my life.  The tools taught are ones that will kindly support my clients and me for a lifetime.  Truly.  The unexpected plus of this training…. it has refined me as life coach – I’m coaching with a new passion, with empathy and compassion, along with trusting my intuition about how best to serve the client.  But it DID all start with me doing my own work first!”

Rebecca Hampton
Beckoning Balance Coaching

– Abigail

P.S. When I decided to become a coach, I was drawn to Martha Beck and her work. She’s become a mentor, friend, and colleague, and I’d love for you to get to experience her work as she teams up with Deepak Chopra in this upcoming event!