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Is your inner perfectionist…

  • stealing your creativity?
  • throwing off your well-being?
  • causing you existential exhaustion?
  • creating a crap-ton of stress?
  • giving you the blues?
  • criticizing you constantly (You’re too sensitive! Too this! Not enough that!)?

Don’t let perfectionism and self-pressure steal your dreams.

Your inner perfectionist kills creativity and well-being! She convinces you you’re not good enough or not doing a good enough job. Suddenly, everything feels hard. Even worse, she often drowns out your inner wisdom or tells you not to follow it.

Life should feel doable.

Your inner perfectionist thinks everything needs to be Smithsonian-level quality. She makes you work and live in a way that doesn’t honor your body, ignores your inner wisdom, and overrides your soul-needs. Can you get stuff done like this? Of course, because she warriors you into submission. She could care less if you’re limp and lifeless afterward. However, is it worth it?

It’s time to stop taking action at the expense of your body and soul.

Instead, take action that’s aligned with your inner wisdom:

  • Learn how to access inner wisdom with my mind-body-spirit tools
  • Let go of the cultural messages to override your body and spirit to get things done
  • Get things done using Slacker Magic, the radical mind-body approach I’ve created

Discover Slacker Magic

Slacker Magic is the art of strategic slacking guided by your inner wisdom. It’s a lighthearted way to tame the inner perfectionist and use inner wisdom to create what you want.

  • Surprise yourself with how much more you accomplish when you cut yourself some slack and lose the self-pressure
  • Strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection so you can hear the guidance from your inner wisdom
  • Stop listening to your inner perfectionist and trust your inner wisdom to guide you to what you want
  • Take action from a place of inspiration, not fear or pressure
  • Enjoy the magic; put forth way less effort and have a lot more fun while getting much better results

What happens when you use mind-body tools
to access and trust your inner wisdom? You…

undo constant self-pressureUNDO CONSTANT


Slackers, unite!

Support and community will make it easier to learn to slack and trust magic. Want help learning the mind-body-spirit tools and Slacker Magic approach?


Get Your 5-Minute Inner Wisdom Shortcut to learn a quick but highly effective mind-body-spirit tool.


Learn mind-body-spirit tools and celebrate slacking with me in the Free Mind-Body Magic Facebook Group. (We give gold stars for napping!)


Coming soon! Take the Intro to Slacker Magic Course for more mind-body-spirit tools, support, Slacker Magic how-to’s, and fun with other magical slackers.

The Ultimate Slacker Magic Experience:
Mind-Body Magic Coach Training!

Become a Mind-Body Magic Coach who helps both herself and others create energy and well-being. You’ll learn the complete Anamsong Method (™), my system of mind-body-spirit tools infused with Slacker Magic. Help your clients have:

  • enhanced well-being
  • flowing creativity
  • improved mindset
  • emotional well-being
  • trust in inner wisdom

You’ll also get tons of support from me and my team of magical slackers! (Aka amazing Endorsed Mind-Body Magic Coaches.)

Meet your Slacker
Magic Mentor, Abigail

Without Slacker Magic, I was often anxious, stressed to the max, unwell, exhausted, and yes, succeeding and accomplishing. But, um…does that sound any fun?

Slacker Magic helped me create a thriving mind-body coaching business and brought joy and well-being back into my life. I’ve used mind-body tools with hundreds of clients to help them find more flow, joy, and magic in their lives, and I’ve trained over a hundred mind-body coaches who now help others create well-being all over the world.

Slacker Magic is the path to thriving and creating again after we’ve accidentally tortured ourselves into hell. Slacker magicians still get things done (aka create all sorts of amazingness); we just use way more magic and a lot less effort.

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My ingrained habit of pushing myself into exhaustion is so insidious and sneaky, it’s often really hard to notice it until I’m exhausted, irritable or simply feeling “not right.” Abigail’s mind-body approach is so simple, fun and counter-intuitive. It has helped me on so many occasions to connect with a just-right prescription for feeling more alive, creative and inspired. And, it’s hilarious and makes me laugh!”

–MARA WAI, Endorsed Mind-Body Coach

Abigail is a Masterful Coach, Creator, Teacher & Mentor. She’s incredibly kind and ridiculously brilliant. She gently teases out what you were blind to and generously shares her original methods and techniques to help you connect to your soul’s knowing. I’ve had the pleasure of coteaching and co-facilitating joint retreats with Abigail several times. She’s a gifted teacher, an inspiring guide and a born creator with an uncanny knack of always getting you aligned with what your soul is nudging you towards.”

–BEV BARNES, Master Coach and Founder of Soul’s Calling Academy

Abigail is truly amazing! Working with her has improved every aspect of my life. She brings a beautiful blend of hard science, practical tools, and intuitive magic that created a safe container as I learned to look inward and trust myself for healing and navigating my life.

I am happier, healthier, more resilient and so much more sure of myself than I’ve ever been.”

–REBECCA MEINSCHEIN, Endorsed Mind-Body Coach 

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