Reclaim your magic now with the 7 Days of Slacker Magic program.

Reclaim your energy, well-being, and magic.

Stop pushing yourself. Feel better in your body. Do more of what you love.

Don’t let perfectionism and self-pressure steal your well-being.

You’re pressuring yourself so much to get it right, do better, and be better. The self-judgment, the stress, the self-doubt; it’s exhausting. You’re working so hard, trying so hard, and never satisfied with your results. On top of that, your body is not working the way you want it to. You miss your creativity. Where did it all go?

Life should feel doable.

Being hard on ourselves, squashing our dreams, and bowing down to endless tasks and pressures hurts our bodies, minds, and spirits. It’s an old patriarchal pattern. It creates emotional exhaustion. It creates ongoing stress, physical symptoms, overwhelm, and fear.

Reclaim your feminine power and well-being with Slacker Magic.

slacker magic definition

Slacker Magic gives you permission to cut yourself some slack and trust the natural rhythms of your body and spirit.

Let’s elevate the word “slacker” to a compliment and a rebellion.

Strength, creativity, and clarity come from letting yourself have more space. More fun. More joy. And then you get…more magic! Results come through flow and alignment rather than effort and work.


  • Use mind-body-spirit tools to release tension and stress so your body can feel better
  • Surprise yourself with how much more you accomplish when you lose the self-pressure
  • Access your inner wisdom so it can guide you to well-being and more of what you love
  • Take action from a place of inspiration, not fear or pressure
  • Enjoy magic and freedom; put forth way less effort and have a lot more fun while getting much better results

Slackers, unite!

It’s challenging to slack and trust magic without support and community. Want help learning the mind-body-spirit tools in the Slacker Magic approach?

Get Slacking

Get started slacking right away! Download the 7 Days of Slacker Magic program for a fun journey and start creating magic right now.

Get Inspired

Learn Slacker Magic concepts and connect with fellow magical slackers in the Free Mind-Body Magic Facebook Group. (We give gold stars for napping!)

Get Support

Take the Slacker Magic Course for more mind-body-spirit tools, support, Slacker Magic how-to’s, and fun with other magical slackers.

The Ultimate Slacker Magic Experience:
Mind-Body Magic Coach Training!

Become a Mind-Body Magic Coach who helps both herself and others create energy and well-being. You’ll learn the complete Anamsong Method (™), my system of mind-body-spirit tools infused with Slacker Magic. Help your clients have:

  • enhanced well-being
  • flowing creativity
  • improved mindset
  • emotional well-being
  • trust in inner wisdom

You’ll also get tons of support from me and my team of magical slackers! (Aka amazing Endorsed Mind-Body Magic Coaches.)

Meet your Slacker Magic Mentor, Abigail

Abigail Steidley

In my twenties, I was often anxious, stressed to the max, unwell, exhausted, and yes, succeeding and accomplishing. But, um…does that sound any fun?

I developed the mind-body tools in the Slacker Magic approach for my own well-being. They also helped me create a thriving mind-body coaching business. I’ve used Slacker Magic with hundreds of clients to help them find more flow, joy, and magic in their lives, and I’ve trained over a hundred mind-body coaches who now help others create well-being all over the world.

Slacker Magic is the path to thriving and creating again. Slacker magicians still get things done (aka create all sorts of amazingness); we just use way more magic and a lot less effort.

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My ingrained habit of pushing myself into exhaustion is so insidious and sneaky, it’s often really hard to notice it until I’m exhausted, irritable or simply feeling “not right.” Abigail’s mind-body approach is so simple, fun and counter-intuitive. It has helped me on so many occasions to connect with a just-right prescription for feeling more alive, creative and inspired. And, it’s hilarious and makes me laugh!”

–MARA WAI, Endorsed Mind-Body Coach

Abigail is a Masterful Coach, Creator, Teacher & Mentor. She’s incredibly kind and ridiculously brilliant. She gently teases out what you were blind to and generously shares her original methods and techniques to help you connect to your soul’s knowing. I’ve had the pleasure of coteaching and co-facilitating joint retreats with Abigail several times. She’s a gifted teacher, an inspiring guide and a born creator with an uncanny knack of always getting you aligned with what your soul is nudging you towards.”

–BEV BARNES, Master Coach and Founder of Soul’s Calling Academy

Abigail is truly amazing! Working with her has improved every aspect of my life. She brings a beautiful blend of hard science, practical tools, and intuitive magic that created a safe container as I learned to look inward and trust myself for healing and navigating my life.

I am happier, healthier, more resilient and so much more sure of myself than I’ve ever been.”

–REBECCA MEINSCHEIN, Endorsed Mind-Body Coach 

Diversity and Anti-Racism in Mind-Body Magic Coaching

 The mind-body-spirit tools have been used by a diverse group of training participants in all walks of life, all over the world, for pain in the body, emotional struggles, and difficult situations. I am committed to continually improving the training when it comes to diversity, inclusivity, and anti-racist focus. My goal is to make the mind-body coach community feel safe and inclusive for anyone who wants to learn these tools. I welcome feedback from my training participants.

Many of the tools and concepts in the training center around combating ableism. Mind-body coaches are often working with people like myself who have struggled with chronic physical pain. The tools help relieve pain and the fear that comes with extended or permanent physical pain.

I’m passionate about the intersection of ableism, racism, and size discrimination and the cultural roots of white supremacy that feed into our belief system that pushing ourselves past our body’s wisdom is necessary.

In the training, we strive to untangle many of these beliefs to allow ourselves to trust our body’s wisdom, connect to our inner wisdom, and to allow our bodies to be as they are. This helps the body’s natural healing mechanisms work as intended.

Most training participants feel like they don’t fit into the cultural norm due to sensitivities, physical struggles, and more. The Mind-Body Magic Coach Community celebrates diversity and the amazing unique magical humans that we are.

Recent events have compelled me to take more extensive steps than before against racism, both as a person and within my business. I am resolved that my anti-racism commitment be reflected in my personal life and business policies, programs, and practices as I continue to learn more and listen to others about racism. I resolve to continue learning and listening and doing better.
– Abigail