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Tracking Deliciousness

by Endorsed Mind-Body Coach, Mara Wai I love Summer. I loooong for it by Spring. Right before it arrives I fantasize about it, imagining all the fun and sun I will soak in.  I imagine luxuriating in quietude and peace, natural settings and beauty. I imagine kids playing, running for the ice cream truck, rainy […]

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Permission to Rest

By Endorsed Mind-Body Coach Leda Asmar Have you ever felt that you need permission to do something you want or need to do? I’m not talking about general polite permissions or legal permits, like “May I have this dance, please; may I borrow your lawnmower? May I give your child a lollipop?” I’m talking about […]

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What’s Your True Craving?

I can lose myself in a good novel for hours on end and forget about the world, my actual life, and my child. I can dissolve into the experience of eating a delicious cookie or fabulous cake. I can binge-watch Netflix shows (especially spy shows!) with the best of them. Sometimes, I stay up late and keep […]

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