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In college, my biology class was right after lunch. It’s fair to say that biology was not my passion. I could not keep my eyes open for the life of me. 

I was somewhat of a rule-follower, so I was nervous to skip class. I have an innate and deep fear of getting in trouble. 

Yet…snoozeville. Boring. Boooooring. 

So I did it. 

One afternoon, I took a delicious, delightful nap instead of attending class. 

(It may have happened a few more times after that, technically speaking.) 

Little rebellions like this are energizing. (Especially if you’re often very hard on yourself.) They’re small moments when we pay homage to the needs of our bodies, souls, and hearts. 

Though they may seem scary, moments of rebellion often hold the key to new ideas, inspiration, and entire paths we simply wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. 

Little rebellions are often borne of inner wisdom, guiding us toward something bigger.

My good-girl persona is strong. She often leads the way. However, my inner rebellious spirit takes over when it’s simply time to change the path. She’s the one who speaks up, stands up, and takes care of me and others. 

Trust your rebellious spirit. Ask her where she wants to take you today. You might just be surprised.