Reclaim your magic now with the 7 Days of Slacker Magic program.

Let’s face it; sometimes, life throws curveballs. That hit you in the face. Knock you flat on your back. Fun times!

I’ve had a few (as in a LOT) of those in my life. That’s exactly why I created Slacker Magic. 

When shit hits the fan, Slacker Magic will carry you forward. It will be the ground under your feet in groundless times. It will help you navigate both the best and the worst of times. 

Recently, an acquaintance was asking me what I do. I told him about Slacker Magic. 

He said, “Oh yes! I’ve had to learn how to live like that because of serious illness.” Yep.

When hard times hit, you can’t afford to add self-pressure, pushing, and over-efforting into the mix. Everything that adds extra stress has to be stripped away so that you can survive. 

You need your inner wisdom guidance there, waiting, ready to show you the next step forward. And the next. And the next. 

During major upheavals, there’s no map. There’s no clarity. It’s a lonely, confusing swirl of who-knows. That’s when our minds start to go into over-drive; trying, pushing, efforting, and pressuring. We judge ourselves. We blame ourselves. 

Slacker Magic takes all that away and shows you how to rest into the flow. It helps you find bits of peace in the messiest of times. 

The phrase Slacker Magic can sound light and playful, but it is rooted in and was born from the hardest moments of my life. It’s magical and practical. It’s light and it’s solid. It’s there for you when you need a way forward. 

Want to learn how to use Slacker Magic to create practical and magical flow in your life? Come join me in the Slacker Magic Course! Learn more and register here.