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Transforming Fatigue and Frozen Energy

Transforming Fatigue and Frozen Energy

By Endorsed Mind-Body Coach Kelly Mullen Standing in front of the class, I began to tell my story.  My public speaking coach had reviewed how to use gestures and suggested that I reach my arms out to illustrate my opening line – a line that recalls the memory of... Read more

Life Serves Up Another Metaphor

I play Traditional Irish fiddle with a group of fellow musicians every week. We are an informal Irish Session, which means we get together and play traditional Irish tunes in jam-session style. Recently, post-baby, I’ve been dashing in, joining the group for 45... Read more

Celebrating a Birthday, Health, and Motherhood

Sunday, December 8 was my birthday. Two years ago, on December 8, I discovered I was pregnant. It was a dream come true and a fabulous birthday present all wrapped up in one package. I was excited, nervous, happy, petrified, delighted, scared…you get the drift. I knew... Read more

No More Settling for Blah

I was coaching a client today, and we discovered something fascinating. Her discomfort and not-quite-right feeling came from something really simple. She was focusing on to-do’s, her schedule, stuff that had to get done, and wasn’t asking herself the question, “What... Read more

Resistance – It’s Futile to Resist It

You’re all set. You have what you need. Your computer, your iPod, your crayons…all the supplies you could want. You’re ready to create something new for your coaching business (or just create, in general). You’re ready to settle in and practice a mind-body... Read more