mind body toolbox Mind-Body Toolbox for Pain Relief – $99

This audio course has been the backbone of my coaching practice for years. It’s a great way to learn the mind-body tools and create pain relief for yourself around TMS or Mind-Body Syndrome. The Kindness Community has a broader focus than pain relief, (though everything we do in there absolutely helps you heal, too!) so I wanted you to be able to just grab this audio course for one low price independent of community membership. You can always grab this AND join the community, of course, if you really want connection and support alongside the mind-body healing tools! Find Out More


ebook Hear Your Soul, Heal Yourself Ebook and Guided Audios – $29

Need a quick guide to mind-body healing? This ebook and its companion audios gives you four basic but very effective mind-body healing tools that will start your healing journey with a bang. They’re some of top my go-to tools for clients and myself!  Find Out More


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About Mind-Body Syndrome/TMS

Physical pain woke me up to kindness. Specifically, vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, and interstitial cystitis. Until I experienced chronic pain, I had no idea I was so hard on myself, and I didn’t realize I was completely off my path of authentic joy, health, and so much more.

My first awakening to this understanding came from learning about pain syndromes and how stress, my reactions to stress, and unconscious mind patterns can actually create physical pain. To help you out, I’ve written a quick introduction (link “read more” below) to what is called Mind-Body Syndrome by some, and TMS (tension myositis syndrome, discovered by Dr. John Sarno) by others. Having dealt with vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, and a few other “chronic” pain syndromes myself by treating them as TMS, I’ve now taken the inner work I did for myself and expanded it into my coaching practice and the Kindness CommunityRead More