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Stressed to the Limit?

This morning, I stumbled into my kitchen to cook breakfast, only to remember that there’s nothing in the kitchen. All the cooking utensils, plates, and bowls are scattered throughout my living room right now, and none of the cupboards have doors. The walls are half-painted and the counters are covered in sawdust. I currently can’t […]

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Go Get a Massage

Here is my latest coaching tool: Go get a massage. Guess how I came up with that one! Yep, on the massage table. Obviously, if you hate massages, this tool isn’t for you. If, like me, you adore floating in dreamy relaxation while listening to soft music, then schedule a massage asap. All joking aside, […]

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If I’m Not Doing More, I’m Not Doing Enough

This post was written by Ann Burrish, an Endorsed Healthy Life Mind-Body Coach. She can be reached for consults and coaching at ann.burrish@gmail.com. A smart and hardworking client who is a full-time student and almost full-time employee shared this thought recently. A cause of her angst? She took a nap after getting more done in […]

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An Uninvited Guest – So I Thought

This post was written by Diane Hunter, an Endorsed Healthy Life Mind-Body Coach.  She can be reached for consults and coaching at diane@afterautism.com. For the past five weeks, my family and I had a surprise Guest stay with us.   Guest arrived without warning and with no communication when Guest would depart.  Why had Guest decided […]

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